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Aug. 12th, 2011

Today was a hard day. Probably because I was tired after an appointment with Rosemary last night, and then Jericho keeping us up in the middle of the night. He was coughing a lot and complaining that he had a sore ear, although he did eventually take some Panadol and go back to sleep. I suppose (now that I think about it) that he was probably tired today too, and maybe that’s why he was so difficult.

I changed all the kids’ bedding today, and cleaned Soren’s old car seat so it’s ready to hand on to Ellen next time I see her. It doesn’t really sound like much, but it counts as a very successful day for me right now. I am always amazed by how much dirt comes out of a reasonably clean looking car seat though!

I also had to spend close to an hour and a half in the car driving over to collect Nicholai from camp bus, then driving over to school to collect Emma and then back home again. At least Soren had a nice nap.

Nicholai had such a good time at camp! The teachers told me he was fabulous and did really well. I sometimes feel like an idiot for being so worried about preparing him for things like this and making so much effort to ensure things run as smoothly as possible, but then he goes and rocks it and I’m so glad we did. He came home very tired and very uncommunicative about what he actually did while he was away (all he’d talk about was the upcoming football matches this weekend) but I’m just so happy that he had fun. He also came home with souvenirs- a olde time newspaper and two signs, and an old fashioned carved walking stick, ha ha ha.