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Aug. 11th, 2011

I love craft Thursdays. Not that any of us did anything that really qualifies as ‘craft’ today- Catherine wrapped up a pass-the-parcel for her daughter’s birthday party, Miffi looked at a magazine, and I looked through the Ikea catalogue online and obsessed about buying furniture. There was lots of talking though, and I think we all needed that.

I went and looked at the daycare centre this morning. Troy came along too, and Soren and Jericho. It was a pretty good set up really. It’s like a really open house, with the huge space divided into smaller areas. They have two big areas that are for all ages, then a space that is specifically for kids over age three, and a space that is only for the under threes. Outside is the same way with the yard fenced into smaller areas to help keep the kids under control and give both big and little kids spaces of their own. On the inside the space is divided up by walls that are low enough that even Soren can see over them, and outside the fence dividers are all chain link or metal so it’s see-through, and all of this makes it seem pretty nice and open. They also generally have an indoor/outdoor set up so the kids can choose where they play and when, so although they were all inside when we looked (rainy day again and early morning so they didn’t have the undercover outdoor areas set up) it generally won’t seem too crowded.

I also have to say that I suspect Soren is going to adjust to it all just fine. I told him before we went that we were going to look at a crèche where he might go and have a play sometimes, so it would be like a special kinder for him. I wasn’t sure that he had really understood what I was getting at, but when we walked in and one of the staff members came up and said hi and kind of asked that ‘what do we have here?’ question in the kids’ direction, Soren ran right up to her and exclaimed, “This for me! I Soren! Dat Jericho, my brudder!” He wasn’t phased by the noise in the room (which to be honest was the downside of that whole giant room/ low wall divider thing- it was LOUD) and just trundled off to play in the little kitchen and with the little cars. He was playing with the play doh when we finished talking with the director and was not in fact all that keen to leave.

I’m going to fill in the paperwork over the weekend and start him next Friday I guess. Probably half a day and pick him up before naptime to start him off, but I’m thinking that once he’s settled in I’ll probably drop him off after kinder and school drop off and then pick him up after I pick up the school kids, so around four o’clock. We’ll have to see how he goes though, that would be a long day for him. I think I just have to wait and do what works for him and I, and be glad that I have the flexibility to that.

We have heard no word from school camp, which in this case is a good thing! I’m assuming it means Nicholai is having a lovely time and we’ll hear about it when we pick him up tomorrow.